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FlyExpress is a freely accessible online knowledgebase offering users an opportunity to explore and analyze expression patterns of developmental genes in Drosophila embryogenesis. FlyExpress contains a unique digital library of over 100,000 standardized images capturing the expression of thousands of genes at different developmental stages. Use our image-matching search engine and genome-wide summaries of spatiotemporal expression patterns (GEMs) to find genes with similar and overlapping patterns of expression in the developing embryo. After you have retrieved a set of co-expressed genes, use FlyExpress’ online toolkit for discovery including new motif-finding tools (QSER and OMP) to identify novel regulatory domains and an interactive dotplot viewer to visualize common intergenic motifs between pairs of co-expressed genes.

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Copyright Notice: The images containing expression patterns in FlyExpress are protected by copyright. It is our belief that the "not-for-profit" effort to build and display this library of images is covered under the " fair-use doctrine." Therefore, although you can locate and access these images through our resource, we cannot grant you rights to reproduce them for any purpose. If you wish to reproduce them, we advise you to contact the authors of the original research publications and electronic resources to obtain the requisite permissions.